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Blue Lavender... An Indica dominant hybrid that has a floral-spicy aroma's with notes of camphor creating a lovely deep, gassy, kush profile that is has powerful linger in the room. As part of the Live Line™ terpenes, Blue Lavender is created to mimic peak stage of the terpene profiles at week 10 of the flowering cycle for this strain, where it is most potent. 

Major Terpenes
Beta-Caryophyllene - 24.61%
Beta-Myrcene - 21.82%
Terpinolene - 13.6%
Alpha-Humulene - 9.811%
D-Limonene - 7.673%
Alpha-Bisabolol - 7.028%
Alpha-Pinene - 5.626%
Beta-Pinene - 3.832%
Linalool - 3.136%
β-Ocimene - 1.049%
Other Compounds - 1.8078%

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