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OG Kush is a legendary strain originating from California, is best known for its distinct aroma and strong effects, being one of the most uplifting strains. First cultivated in Florida in the early ‘90s, where an unknown strain from Northern California was crossed with Hindu Kush, resulting a hybrid with a unique terpene profile that boasts a complex aroma with notes of Earthy, Citrus and Woodland Spice.

FRAGRANCE: Earthy, Woody, Citrus, Pine

EFFECTS: Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

TERPENE'S: Limonene (28%), Myrcene (23%), Beta Caryophyllene (15%), Linalool (8%),  Beta-Pinene (5%), Humulene (5%), Alpha-Pinene (3%), Other (13%)

INGREDIENTS: OG Kush terpenes, 500mg Full spectrum CBD distilate oil, Hemp seed oil

Our 100% Legal CBD Terpene infused oil is very unique, blending the legal full spectrum cannabinoids with terpenes isolated from known cannabis strains. All cannabinoids are hemp derived and our oil has a distinct taste of said strain, however is NOT to be confused with Marijuana. *3rd party lab tested* 500mg of CBD. Contains NO THC.

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