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CBD Oil 1000mg - Candy Jack

CBD Oil 1000mg - Candy Jack

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Candy Jack is a lovely earthy flavour profile that is not for the faint hearted. This strain in particular contains a very distinct flavour that is unique in its own right. With the popular parent of Jack Herer a stavia dominant hybrid, it can produce very calming yet productive effects on the mind!

FRAGRANCE: Earthy, Kush, Plant

EFFECT: Creative, Happy, Relaxation

TERPENE'S: Beta Caryophyllene (24%) and Limonene (21%). Myrcene (12%) and Linalool (10%), Humulene (7%), Alpha-Pinene (5%). Beta-Pinene (4%), Other (17%)

INGREDIENTS: Candy Jack terpenes, 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD distillate oil, Hemp seed oil

Our 100% Legal CBD Terpene infused oil is very unique, blending the legal full spectrum cannabinoids with terpenes from known cannabis strains. All cannabinoids are hemp derived and our oil has a distinct taste of said strain, however is NOT to be confused with Marijuana. *3rd party lab tested* 1000mg of CBD. Contains under <0.2% THC.

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