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Aunt Mary's Flowers

"Live Resin" Disposable Cannabinoid Vape | Strawberry Haze | 500mg

"Live Resin" Disposable Cannabinoid Vape | Strawberry Haze | 500mg

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Explore a revolutionary classic with our new "Live Resin" CBD Disposable Vape Pen - a vibrant and uplifting option designed to enhance focus and aid anxiety. Featuring the delightful Strawberry Haze Live Resin, this strain has an unbeatable flavour of a typical Haze with a creamy twist! Experience a nostalgic classic with a new school twist with every inhale and that creamy flavour on your tongue on the exhale. Each disposable vape pen contains a powerful 500mg of premium live resin extract. Simply unwrap, inhale, and savour the smooth, flavourful vapour of Strawberry Haze. Experience a unique vaping journey only with Aunt Mary’s Flowers!

Aunt Mary's Flowers Live Resin CBD vape cartridge in the Daytime blend is formulated to be an upbeat focus aiding non-psychotropic option that helps with anxiety. It’s a great active day option. The Daytime blend CBD disposable vape pen is the most sativa-like blend of our three options which includes Anytime (an energy-neutral option that’s focused on taste and medical value) and Knockout (a couch-lock Indica-like blend). For this blend, we take the cannabinoid and terpene-rich CBD Live Resin and couple it with other uplifting and focus-geared plant compounds such as CBDv.

What sets CBD Live Resin apart?

It all begins with our careful selection of the most phytochemistry-dense part of the plant—the flower. We handpick each flower, meticulously removing all water leaves to preserve only the most essential components. This dedication results in a Live Resin with superior taste and aroma, capturing the essence of the plant in every puff.

To further preserve the delicate phytochemistry, we immediately freeze the harvested flowers. This crucial step ensures that no valuable compounds are lost before extraction. The extraction process itself is meticulous, purging all residual solvents to guarantee a clean and potent final product.

Unlike many CBD products on the market made with CBD Distillate, which utilises the entire plant and extracts from dried material, our CBD Live Resin focuses solely on the flower. This approach retains the full spectrum of phytochemistry, enhancing taste, aroma, and overall efficacy.

Our CBD Live Resin is:

  • Hand-harvested to safeguard delicate compounds
  • Extracted exclusively from flowers for a more flavourful and aromatic extract
  • Utilises freshly frozen flower material, preserving vital compounds
  • Strain-specific and enriched with minor cannabinoids for targeted effects
  • Curated from top breeders, ensuring unique profiles and effects with each cultivar
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